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"I strongly believe that the best therapy combines knowledge and care"

The way we perceive ourselves and the world around us is shaped during our early childhood. From a very early age, we start wearing a glass and view the world through it. This glass includes fixed beliefs about ourselves and our relationship with others, our behaviors, and feelings. Although wearing this glass causes suffering and problems in our lives, it is comfortable and familiar. However, once we realize that despite how familiar wearing this glass is, it is not useful for us anymore and it leads to challenges in our lives, we take the first step of change. The moment you take this first step in your lives towards seeking support, I will be there for you to help you on this journey! 

As an international living in a foreign country, I have experienced firsthand the unique challenges that people may face. This experience has shaped my practice and has introduced me the Buddhist and Hindu symbol “Unalome”, which represents the idea that the path to enlightenment is not straight and is full of challenges. I realized that this symbol is a powerful metaphor for the process of psychological therapy. While the path may not always be easy, together we will navigate the twists and turns of your therapeutic journey. At the heart of my practice is the belief that “We are all on this journey together!” and that everyone deserves to be heard, understood, and validated. Life can be challenging, but I’m here to provide you with a safe and supportive space to help you explore your innermost selves and find healing. Through teamwork, we will take a close look at how your current glass is impacting your life and find a more useful, practical glass to replace it.

I find this video very interesting as it describes the Unalome symbol in detail. The most important part is until 02.51.



Kendimizi ve çevremizi nasıl algıladığımız çocukluk yıllarımızda şekillenir. Küçük yaştan itibaren kendimizle ve diğerleriyle olan ilişkimize, davranışlarımıza ve duygularımıza bir gözlüğün camları ardından bakarız. Bu gözlüğü takmak oldukça alıştığımız bir his olsa da, artık bizim için faydalı olmadığını ve hayatımızda zorluklara neden olduğunu fark ettiğimizde, değişimin ilk adımını atarız. Hayatınızda destek arayışında ilk adımı attığınız anda, bu yolculukta size yardımcı olmak için buradayım!

Yabancı bir ülkede yaşamak, insanların karşılaşabileceği zorlukları deneyimlememi ve danışanlarımı daha iyi anlayabilmemi sağladı. Ayrıca bu deneyim bir Budist ve Hint sembolü olan “Unalome” ile tanışmamı sağladı. Aydınlanma yolunun düz olmadığını ve zorluklarla dolu olduğunu sembolize eden bu sembol, bana psikolojik terapi sürecini hatırlattı. Fark ettim ki, terapi sürecinde yolculuk her zaman kolay olmasa da bu süreçte desteklenmek, dinlenmek ve anlaşılmak çok önemli. Bu süreçte ihtiyaçlarınızın karşılandığı, güvenli ve destekleyici bir alan sağlamak için elimden geleni yapacağım. Birlikte hayata baktığınız mevcut gözlüğünüzün hayatınızı nasıl etkilediğine yakından bakacağız ve onun yerine daha faydalı bir gözlük bulmak için çalışıyor olacağız.

A score we are proud of

It was a big step for me to sign up with a psychologist because I didn’t think my problems were big enough. Ultimately, no matter how big your problems are, you can always come to this practice. Mr. Raja is a fine therapist who offers enough space to tell your story.
The help I get here is amazing! The environment is very nice and the person I am talking to now is very nice and she listens to me and also gives me good advice and tools that work. In addition, it’s nice that I can email her if I’m feeling down and just don’t know what to do. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in this.
I am very satisfied with my treatment. The situation has been looked at very appropriately and based on that, it has been determined what is good and what is not. This has provided clear tools to make a quicker and better choice. This personally didn’t go well and an insight from someone else helps a lot in determining what is right and what is not. Ultimately, this benefited myself and I became more independent. My anxiety problems have become much less because of this and I have become stronger. I’m very happy with that too.
A good problem analysis was made and the advice was in line with this. I liked the feedback of what I had learned via e-mail. This confirmed whether I had understood the advice correctly. The atmosphere during the talks was good. Attention was paid to what was said or not said.
Some time ago I came to Emma through Shehzad with my daughter. Inaya, a girl of 7 years old, got very stuck. Anger at school, and we didn’t quite know where this came from. Emma was very supportive to both me and mother, and Inaya. I was always available for questions, and Inaya loved talking to her. Emma taught Inaya how to deal with her anger, and gave us great advice that also helped school.
The treatments give your thoughts a different perspective and they help to keep you on the right path, in addition, they are all very sweet people, making the environment feel safe.