Self-reflection form

Treatment process & Follow-up treatment

We see evaluations and self-reflections as part of your treatment process at Raja Psychologie. This way you can take the time to reflect carefully on your experiences and progress in the treatment process.
Evaluations and self-reflections help us to see how you have experienced the sessions so far, what you need during your treatment process and what the next step in your journey can look like so that we can make all the sessions you have within our practice as effective as possible.

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Feel free to answer the questions as honestly as you can. Nothing is right or wrong and everyone experiences everything in his/her own way. Please only answer the following questions only if you want to continue treatment sessions at Raja Psychologie:


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A score we are proud of

It was a big step for me to sign up with a psychologist because I didn’t think my problems were big enough. Ultimately, no matter how big your problems are, you can always come to this practice. Mr. Raja is a fine therapist who offers enough space to tell your story.
The help I get here is amazing! The environment is very nice and the person I am talking to now is very nice and she listens to me and also gives me good advice and tools that work. In addition, it’s nice that I can email her if I’m feeling down and just don’t know what to do. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in this.
I am very satisfied with my treatment. The situation has been looked at very appropriately and based on that, it has been determined what is good and what is not. This has provided clear tools to make a quicker and better choice. This personally didn’t go well and an insight from someone else helps a lot in determining what is right and what is not. Ultimately, this benefited myself and I became more independent. My anxiety problems have become much less because of this and I have become stronger. I’m very happy with that too.
A good problem analysis was made and the advice was in line with this. I liked the feedback of what I had learned via e-mail. This confirmed whether I had understood the advice correctly. The atmosphere during the talks was good. Attention was paid to what was said or not said.
Some time ago I came to Emma through Shehzad with my daughter. Inaya, a girl of 7 years old, got very stuck. Anger at school, and we didn’t quite know where this came from. Emma was very supportive to both me and mother, and Inaya. I was always available for questions, and Inaya loved talking to her. Emma taught Inaya how to deal with her anger, and gave us great advice that also helped school.
The treatments give your thoughts a different perspective and they help to keep you on the right path, in addition, they are all very sweet people, making the environment feel safe.